Cancer Vaccine Launch pad

Purposes for processing

The NHS Cancer Vaccine Launch pad (CVLP) is a project that acts as a bridge to enable NHS patients with cancer to participate at the earliest possible opportunity in cancer vaccine trials and to accelerate the development of cancer vaccines.

The aim of the CVLP is to provide a basis for accelerated development of personalised cancer vaccine treatment, by providing a standardised, high quality, expanded standard of care pathway for tumour molecular analysis and sequencing incorporating elements of the NHS Genomic Medicine Service.

The primary objective is to identify and recruit cancer patients who might be suitable for personalised cancer vaccine trials.

Sources of the data

Members of the direct care team at local NHS hospital trusts will collect patients’ personal information as part of routine care. In most cases, consultants or cancer specialists will identify patients who might be eligible for cancer vaccine and connect them with a research nurse who will then provide more detailed information.

Categories of personal data

  • patient personal data and contact details
  • patient clinical record
  • patient blood and tissue sample.

Categories of recipients

  • data controllers: NHS England, CVLP participating NHS hospital trusts and colorectal cancer research trial sites.
  • data processors are cellular pathology genomics centres (CPGC).

Legal basis for processing

  • Art 6.1e Public authority
  • 9.2a Explicit consent
  • 9.2h Health or social care system
  • 9.2i Public health