If you get involved in our work as a ‘Patient and Public Voice (PPV) Partner’

Purposes for processing

Patient and public participation is an essential part of NHS England’s way of working. We want to build strong and supportive relationships with our Patient and Public Voice (PPV) partners, so that we can work in partnership and use people’s experiences and views to inform our work. The term PPV Partners includes patients, service users, carers and families, and the general public.

Our approach to working with our PPV Partners is set out in our PPV Partner Policy, which describes four different types or categories of PPV Partner role.

  • PPV partners who choose to attend, respond or comment on open access engagement opportunities e.g. responding to online surveys or attending a meeting in public
  • PPV partners who are invited to attend workshops/events/ focus groups on a one-off basis
  • PPV partners who are a member of a working group which meets regularly
  • PPV partners who are in senior PPV roles that demonstrate strategic and accountable leadership and decision making activity.

Sources of the data

The data is provided by PPV Partners when registering to attend a meeting or event, and / or when applying to a specific PPV Partner role (through submitting an application form).

Categories of personal data and recipients

The information provided on the application form includes:

  • name
  • age address and postcode
  • e-mail address
  • whether the applicant can access e-mail
  • whether the applicant is a
    • patient or health service user (current or previously)
    • carer of a patient currently / previously using health services
    • Representative of a patient organisation
    • Other
  • Ability to use telephone, e-mail, and internet to communicate and take part in meetings
  • Ability to commit time
  • Other PPV roles
  • Skills and experience
  • Any access or support needs to enable participation
  • References

The information is used to identify and engage with PPV Partners, and enable communication and involvement in PPV activities..

Legal basis for processing

For GDPR purposes NHS England’s lawful basis for processing is Article 6(1)(e) ‘…exercise of official authority…’.