Estates technical guidance

Technical standards and guidance (health building notes/health technical memoranda documents)

The documents have moved and can be accessed from this section of our website.

Standard Department of Health and Social Care website protocol is to mark documents as ‘withdrawn’ as part of the redirect to our website. We are aware that this message on the website is creating the impression that individual health building notes (HBN) and health technical memoranda (HTM) documents have been withdrawn. This is not the case – all the documents hosted on our website are current.

The status of a document can be checked on the complete list of publications related to NHS estates page of our website which includes details of any documents that have been updated/archived and the dates this took effect.

These technical guidance documents bring together all documents relating to health building notes (HBNs) and Health technical memoranda (HTMs) as well as any miscellaneous NHS estates related technical guidance.

Responsibility for technical guidance transferred to NHS Improvement in February 2017 which is now part of NHS England and NHS Improvement. All extant Department of Health and Social Care documents can now be found here in addition to new guidance issued by NHS England and NHS Improvement.