NHS Premises Assurance Model

Technical standards and guidance (health building notes/health technical memoranda documents)

The documents have moved and can be accessed from this section of our website.

Standard Department of Health and Social Care website protocol is to mark documents as ‘withdrawn’ as part of the redirect to our website. We are aware that this message on the gov.uk website is creating the impression that individual health building notes (HBN) and health technical memoranda (HTM) documents have been withdrawn. This is not the case – all the documents hosted on our website are current.

The status of a document can be checked on the complete list of publications related to NHS estates page of our website which includes details of any documents that have been updated/archived and the dates this took effect.

This model supports boards, directors of finance and estates and clinical leaders to make more informed decisions about the development of their estates and facilities services and provides assurances that the estate is safe, efficient, effective and of high quality.

In 2013, the first NHS Premises Assurance Model (NHS PAM) was published. Since then, the model has been regularly updated by the Department of Health and Social Care and the NHS.

The latest version has been updated to reflect feedback from users and the working group, the NHS Constitution and changes in policy, strategy, technology and regulation. These updates ensure the model is as useful and effective as possible for trusts.

Functions and benefits of the model include:

  • the ability to demonstrate to patients, commissioners and regulators that robust systems are in place and to provide assurance that the premises and associated services are safe;
  • helps trusts prioritise investment decisions in order to raise standards in the most advantageous way; and
  • the ability to measure compliance against legislation and guidance across the whole NHS.

Trusts should now adopt the latest version of the PAM.

The NHS PAM will continue to be developed to ensure it remains fit for use. If you have any proposals for improvement, please send them to: england.nhspremisesassurancemodel@nhs.net