Data and results

Yes, the National Quarterly Pulse Survey needs to be run in April for Quarter 1, July for Quarter 2, January for Quarter 4.

Each staff member will need to be offered an opportunity to participate in the survey on quarterly basis.

It is complex to determine what an organisation would consider a ‘successful’ sample size. We’d recommend utilising margin of error calculators to establish a reliable sample size. As for representativeness, it differs between organisations as each will be made up of different demographic groups. We’d recommend promoting the survey through staff networks and other channels in order to increase awareness and participation from under-represented groups.

Trusts should continue to utilise the Strategic Data Collection Service (via Unify) to submit the quarterly data, just as was done for Staff FFT. If the trust is using the People Pulse method for data collection, there is no requirement to submit the data as this will be actioned centrally.

Although the results of the National Quarterly Pulse Survey will inform decisions on employee experience at a local level, there will be no formal requirement for action planning.