National Quarterly Pulse Survey data

The National Quarterly Pulse Survey (NQPS) provides a consistent and standardised approach, nationally and locally, to listening to staff at more regular intervals with a robust data set. It has been supported by an ongoing desire for more regular reporting and understanding of employee engagement levels in the NHS and staff’s working experience. NQPS focuses on the core set of nine questions which make up the engagement theme from the NHS Staff Survey that provide insight into motivation, involvement and advocacy. These questions are known to be strongly correlated with positive organisational, patient and individual outcomes.

Data comparison between NQPS and NHS staff survey

NQPS complements the annual NHS Staff Survey and monthly People Pulse. NQPS tracks trends against key themes to inform policy and action. This supplements the granular level of data and action planning following the annual NHS Staff Survey results. It is not directly comparable, however. While the results of each survey may complement one another and both NQPS and the NHS Staff Survey contain similar questions relating to staff engagement, the approach and methodology of each is notably different, with contrasts in sampling approach and size, fieldwork period, data processing and adjustment, among others. For these reasons, direct comparison is not possible, but organisations are recommended to use the employee engagement scores available via the NHS Staff Survey and NQPS to track trends in data.

How to use the data files

The data in this section is divided into two files: national and organisational level results, and integrated care system/board (ICS/ICB) range of scores.

At a local level, organisations can filter their results by peer group. These are the same as those used in the NHS Staff Survey to allow relative comparison within a given peer group. Organisations can also filter results by regions and care systems.

ICS/ICB level results are available as a range, made up of minimum and maximum values within a chosen ICS/ICB. It is not possible to create an average score at a system level as such calculation does not take into consideration different care settings, occupational groups or trust size. It is, however, possible for organisations to benchmark against others within a given region or ICS/ICB by using appropriate filters offered in the results dashboard.

Organisations can also access results via the Model Health System in the Culture and Engagement component.

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