Staff Friends and Family data

The Staff Friends and Family Test (Staff FFT) ran from April 2014 to enable staff feedback on NHS services based on recent experience. It was paused during the response to coronavirus and was then ceased with the introduction of the National Quarterly Pulse Survey. In the Staff FFT, respondents were asked to respond to two questions. The ‘care’ question asked how likely staff were to recommend the NHS services in which they work to friends and family who need similar treatment or care. The ‘work’ question asked how likely staff would be to recommend the NHS service in which they work to friends and family as a place to work. The Staff FFT was conducted on a quarterly basis (excluding quarter 3 when the NHS Staff Survey takes place). For further information see the Staff Family and Friends pages.

Following a review undertaken by NHS England Lead Official for Statistics, it has been concluded that the characteristics of the Friends and Family Test (FFT) data mean it should not be classed as official statistics. All past Staff FFT data can now be viewed below, and all patient FFT data and dates relating to future patient FFT releases can be found on the FFT data pages.

Latest Data


2018 – 19

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