About the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

The Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) is head of profession for the 50,000 healthcare scientists working in the NHS, embracing more than 50 separate scientific specialisms. The Office of the CSO drives the contribution of science to health to ensure the NHS can deliver its Constitution commitment to ‘work at the limits of science’. In particular the CSO, Deputy CSO and their team contribute scientific foresight and professional knowledge, skills and expertise to the development of leading-edge science and innovation in the NHS.

The team also work to develop the clinical leadership capacity and capability of healthcare scientists, who are well placed to provide frontline scientific leadership and science-based intelligence for service planning and delivery.

Science has the power to deliver on the three key action areas for future NHS sustainability. It can help bridge the care and quality gap; the health and wellbeing gap and the funding and efficiency gap.

By ensuring science remains at the heart of the NHS, the Office of the CSO can improve the integration of services, develop new structures for delivering care, give patients greater control of their own care and improve the NHS’s ability to undertake research and innovation and raising the game of health technology.

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