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New project to blood group genotype all patients living with Sickle cell disease, thalassemia and rare anaemias

This letter, from Professor Dame Sue Hill and Professor Bola Owolabi, announces a new project to blood group genotype all patients living with Sickle cell disorder and thalassemia launched by NHS England and NHS Blood and Transplant.

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The Chief Scientific Officer’s strategy

This healthcare science strategy for England, published in March 2020, that was developed with the healthcare science profession and system partners, outlines how a healthcare science profession fit for the 21st century can help deliver the commitments within the Long Term Plan and ambitions of the National People Plan through a) transforming scientifically led services; b) supporting research and innovation in healthcare science; c) providing scientific leadership, and d) partnering to improve information and knowledge.

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What Works Guides

To continue to deliver more of the recommendations on the Action Plan on Hearing Loss (APoHL), a series of ‘What Works’ guides have been produced in partnership by NHS England, the Department of Work and Pensions, the Department for Education and hearing loss charities. The guides cover hearing loss across the life course and aim to help organisations to support individuals with hearing loss, as they navigate the system, so they have a positive experience and can lead successful, fulfilling and independent lives.

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Improving Outcomes through Personalised Medicine

NHS England is discussing what we mean by personalised medicine both now and in the future. We want to make sure the approach we take with our partners enables us to embrace new approaches, while ensuring that ethical, equality and economic implications are addressed.

As part of this, ‘Improving Outcomes through Personalised Medicine’ was launched at the annual Health and Care Innovation Expo in 2016. Scientists have a key role to play in this new era of medicine.

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National Commissioning Framework for Hearing Loss Services

‘Commissioning Services for People with Hearing Loss – a Framework for Clinical Commissioning Groups’, was developed by the Office of the CSO in partnership with patients, patient groups and other key stakeholders as one of the key requirements of the cross-government Action Plan for Hearing Loss.

Published in July 206, the guidance is presented as a fully interactive PDF, containing links to the latest evidence and examples of good practice, along with practical advice to commission good quality hearing loss services. 

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Action Plan on Hearing Loss

An ‘Action Plan on Hearing Loss’ to support services for deaf people and those with diminishing hearing was produced by NHS England and the Department of Health in March 2015. The plan sets out a case for action to tackle the rising prevalence and personal, social and economic costs of uncorrected hearing loss, and the variation in access and quality of services experienced by people with hearing loss.

The plan was developed with a number of organisations, including Public Health England, hearing loss charities and those whose hearing is directly affected. Aimed at commissioners, Clinical Commissioning Groups, GPs and healthcare providers, the report identifies multiple health and social issues associated with hearing loss.  It recommends ways that services for children, young people, working age and older adults living with hearing loss can be improved. For more information please see our news item on hearing loss.

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