Ask Listen Do

Making feedback, concerns and complaints across education, health and social care easier for children, young people and adults with a learning disability, autism or both and their families and carers.

The Ask Listen Do project is aimed at supporting organisations to learn from and improve the experiences of people with a learning disability, autism or both, their families and carers when giving feedback, raising a concern or making a complaint.

The project includes the development of resources to support good practice in organisations across health, education and social care, and guidance for people, families and carers so that they feel empowered and confident to speak up.

What people said

We have listened to people’s experiences of giving feedback, raising concerns and making complaints at events all over England.  We also did a survey which nearly 1,300 people took part in. Some of the main results from this survey were:

  • Nine out of ten people said that they had wanted to raise a concern or make a complaint at some time
  • Two out of three people said they sometimes or never knew how to do this
  • Seven out of ten people said that they did not feel that their complaint(s) had changed the way the organisation supports people as a result.

Find out more about what people said about feedback, concerns and complaints.

Easy read leaflet

Read the easy read leaflet about the Ask, Listen, Do project and its aims.

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