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We offer easy-read newsletters that tell you about what NHS England is doing to make the NHS better for people with a learning disability. To subscribe to receive the Learning Disability Newsletter please email learningdisabilityautismengage@nhs.net.

Learning Disabilities summer 2017 newsletterLearning Disability Newsletter: Summer 2017

The summer 2017 easy read newsletter introduces our new National Clinical Director for Learning Disability, Jean O’Hara. Read it to find out more about care, education and treatment reviews for children and young people. Also about improving support for people who have difficulty swallowing (have dysphagia). Read what we heard at the recent complaints, comments and feedback event. Read about new guidance to help commissioners plan services for people with a learning disability, autism or both. And hear about the work which is learning from the deaths of people with a learning disability.

Learning Disability Newsletter: Spring 2017Learning Disability Newsletter, Summer 2016

The spring 2017 issue features an introduction to the new NHS England Learning Disability and Autism Advisory Group and articles about work to making it easier to complain, helping people get the right care- focus on diabetes, the review of care and treatment review policy and about NHS England quality checking tools. It also tells you about two new helpful videos- an inclusive NHS 111 video and about getting involved at NHS England.

Learning Disability Newsletter: Autumn 2016Learning Disability Newsletter, Summer 2016

The autumn 2016 issue has an introduction by Simon Stevens plus information about cancer and breast screening, personal health budgets, Transforming Care Partnerships and more.

Learning Disability Newsletter: Summer 2016Learning Disability Newsletter, Summer 2016

The summer 2016 issue has information about medicine, annual health checks, the NHS England forum, an update on Transforming Care and more.