How to support STOMP

There are different ways for everyone to get involved in supporting stopping over medication of people with a learning disability, autism or both (STOMP):

How health care providers can support STOMP

All health care providers who prescribe psychotropic medicine to people with a learning disability, autism or both are asked to adopt the STOMP health care pledge:

  • We will actively explore alternatives to medication
  • We will ensure people with a learning disability, autism or both, of any age and their circle of support are fully informed about their medication and are involved in decisions about their care
  • We will ensure all staff within the organisation have an understanding of psychotropic medication including why it is being used and the likely side effects
  • We will ensure all people are able to speak up if they have a concern that someone is receiving inappropriate medication
  • We will maintain accurate records about a person’s health, wellbeing and behaviour
  • We will ensure that medication, if needed, is started, reviewed and monitored in line with the relevant NICE guidance
  • We will work in partnership with people with a learning disability, autism or both, their families, care teams, healthcare professionals, commissioners and others to stop over medication.

Healthcare providers wishing to support the pledge should email You will be sent an information pack to help with your action plan and self assessment, which should be emailed back to the email address once completed.​

The STOMP professional resources page also links to individual STOMP resources for GPs, psychiatrists, psychologists, pharmacists, nurses and others.

How social care providers can support STOMP

Social care providers can sign up to the STOMP pledge for social care providers at the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG) website.

VODG has also produced a booklet to help support workers accompany people they support to a GP appointment to talk about psychotropic medication. The booklet includes an easy read section for the person.

Supporting STOMP

You can be a STOMP supporter whether you are a person with a learning disability, autism or both, a family carer, voluntary organisation, health or social care professional:

  • Ask your health care and social care providers if they have signed up to STOMP and what they are doing to stop over medication with psychotropic drugs
  • Give them the web address for all the information they need to get started
  • Share the easy read leaflet about STOMP
  • Tell family carers about the resources on the Challenging Behaviour Foundation
  • Use social media to tell others what you are doing about STOMP. The Twitter hashtag is #WeSupportSTOMP
  • If you are a professional find out what your professional body’s STOMP commitments are on their website.

Tell us your STOMP news!

We would love to hear how you are making STOMP happen. Send us an email to: