Regional Medicines Optimisation Committees Advice

Regional Medicines Optimisation Committees (RMOCs) have developed and published a number of advisory documents to help local teams with the prescribing of some medicines and implementation of new governance approaches. These documents provide safe and effective advice for the specified medicines or approaches outlined.

Detail on each of the documents is included below:

Free of charge (FOC) medicines schemes – national policy recommendations for local systems

In line with NHS England’s operating framework and its advisory role this policy provides guidance to integrated care systems (ICSs) on free of charge (FOC) medicines schemes including providing advice on potential financial, administrative, and clinical risks.

These recommendations are for systems to consider in the following context:

  • the implementation or approval of FOC schemes within local providers.
  • appropriate governance and management of FOC schemes.
  • requests to fund medicines once any scheme ends.

This policy guidance aims to:

  • support the NHS to drive value from the medicines.
  • ensure consistent and equitable access to medicines across England.

Read the policy: Free of charge (FOC) medicines schemes – national policy recommendations for local systems

Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine retinopathy monitoring

On behalf of the national Regional Medicines Optimisation Committees (RMOCs) system, RMOC (South) has developed practical recommendations for safe ophthalmology monitoring of patients who are receiving long term hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine. The document outlines the risks of retinopathy and sets out a structured approach for health professionals to manage these risks.