Regional arrangements for medicines optimisation

Regional guidance has been developed outlining the roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities for delivering medicines optimisation in all parts of the NHS in England. This guidance replaces the Regional Medicines Optimisation Committee (RMOC) Operating Model. It aligns to the NHS England operating framework, and offers flexibility in the approach to delivery, allowing NHS England regions and integrated care systems (ICSs) to establish arrangements that best serve their local populations and preferred ways of working.

The following principles can enable successful delivery of medicines optimisation nationally, regionally and locally across ICSs:

  • Take a clinically-led but operationally driven approach, with executive and senior responsible officer oversight across the whole system; aligning to the integrated care system (ICS) guidance on clinical and care professional leadership.
  • Prioritise and use medicines optimisation as an enabler for delivering the ICSs four key objectives.
  • Use a data-driven approach to deliver outcomes for the population by focusing on quality improvement and efficiencies.
  • Use co-production wherever possible, ensuring all opportunities are taken to capture the public and patients’ voice.
  • Take a ‘do once’ approach to reduce unnecessary duplication of effort and resource, escalating through regional teams to the national medicines optimisation delivery group wherever possible.
  • Collaborate and communicate regularly with system partners and wider networks to build and maintain successful relationships.
  • Take a whole-system approach using quality improvement and change management methodologies, along with data and metrics, to identify and successfully drive change and demonstrate progress.