Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

Local transformation plans and eating disorder services

Guidance has been published to support improvements in children and young people’s mental health, in line with ‘Future in Mind’. The work aims to build accessible, evidence-based, outcome-focussed services in collaboration with children, young people and families.

  • Transformation Plan Guidance provides information on the development of Local Transformation Plans for CCGs working with children, young people and families, and commissioning partners and providers as well as CCG funding allocations.
  • Eating Disorder Guidance, a joint publication with National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health (NCCMH), is a ‘how to’ guide for commissioners to support the implementation of dedicated community eating disorder services for children and young people with an access and waiting time standard. Along with the guidance, NCCMH created a workforce calculator to assist commissioners and providers to work together to establish the correct mix of skills and staff required for a dedicated community-based eating disorder team.


Two new resources to support commissioning effective, seamless transitional mental health services for young people have been published.

Both tools are based on a range of quality standards and best practice and are non-mandatory.

Model specification

The Model Specification for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services: Targeted and Specialist levels (Tiers 2/3) is the original full version published by NHS England.

A Word version of the model specification is also available for commissioners to use when developing their own specification for their local area – commissioners may amend and insert detail where appropriate. Once changes have been made, that specification should be attributed to the specific commissioner/local area, not NHS England overall.

Children and Young People’s Mental Health Services Baselining report

An analysis of the baseline information reported in the first Children and Young People’s Mental Health Local Transformation Plans, including referrals and investment, provides an indicative regional and national picture of services, funding and staffing as well as the level of demand for community mental health services for children and young people provided by the NHS and local authorities in 2014/15, and reflects a point in time against which progress will be measured.

The System Dynamic Modelling Tool

In October 2014, NHS England appointed Central Southern Commissioning Support Unit working with Oxford Health and Healthcare Decisions to develop a modelling tool for CAMHS. This tool will support commissioners and wider health and social care communities to review current CAMHS provision and plan future investment in CAMHS (Tier 2 -4) across the whole health, social care and education pathway. Following live-user testing and feedback, the full final version of the tool, combining Community and Inpatient care is available on the Central Southern Commissioning Support Unit website.

If you are currently commissioning CAMHS the following resources will be of use: