Priority workstreams

The LPN Core Group has agreed 6 priorities to be delivered under the STPs across Staffordshire and Shropshire. Work is underway with key stakeholders to ensure progress is made in these areas during 17/18.

  • Priority 1: Reduce medication errors across the primary and secondary care interface.
  • Priority 2:  Improve patient clinical outcomes by ensuring medicines are optimised at every opportunity.
  • Priority 3: Greater utilisation of the pharmacy expertise around medicines in the management of Long Term Conditions.
  • Priority 4: Promote community pharmacy as the first port of call for advice and treatment of common ailments.
  • Priority 5: Reduce waste around prescribed unused medicines.
  • Priority 6: Maximise pharmacy contribution to the health and well being agenda.

Further information about the above priorities can be be found in this document ‘Plan on a Page: Pharmacy Programme‘.