Comfort through the airwaves

During the Covid pandemic David Ainsworth, a nurse and locality director for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System, recognised the importance of local people having the latest information for their health and wellbeing from their local leaders.

“I copresented a daily radio broadcast on Mansfield FM (with Tony Delahunte, the station director) so we could give reassuring messages to listeners and give up to date public health information,” says David.

“This proved extremely popular and local people started to write in; a 90-year old lady, who lived alone, wrote in saying she only tuned in for the daily briefing and it made her feel less isolated and alone given my reassuring and calming approach.

Dorothy turned 90 during the pandemic and I recorded a special birthday message which the station played out to her as a special mention,” says David.

“As the pandemic slowed down during wave one, we turned my daily briefing into a weekly evening hour show at drive time.”