Directly commissioned services reporting requirements

The introduction of a set of four information standards for contract monitoring: Aggregate Contract Monitoring (ACM), Patient Level Contract Monitoring (PLCM), Drugs Patient Level Contract Monitoring (DrPLCM) and Devices Patient Level Contract Monitoring (DePLCM) are the file formats by which providers must report their healthcare activities commissioned by NHS England and during 2020/21.

The purpose of these standards is to enable the interchange, in a uniform format, of monthly contract monitoring data between commissioners and providers of healthcare. This ensures that contract monitoring and reporting is consistent and comparable across all commissioning organisations and their footprints.

It is the intention that these four data sets will form the basis by which all commissioners (both NHS England and CCGs) will receive their routine contract monitoring from providers from April 2021 onwards.

The user guidance document for each of the four contract monitoring data sets provides instructions to providers with regards to their population and submission.

Information must be supplied from providers to fulfil the needs of the NHS England and NHS Improvement quality assessment process including annual self-declaration and selected peer review requirements. Information must also be provided for the Specialised Services Quality Dashboard. For Specialised Mental Health Services, this includes moving from quarterly to monthly submissions of SSQD dashboards. The URL of the Quality Surveillance Information System (QSIS) is

Four information standards for contract monitoring


Other reporting specifications