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What does NHS England do?

NHS England is a decision-maker and approves applications, removals, and suspensions from the performers list. We are also responsible for the management of practitioners’ performance under performers list regulations. NHSE facilitates the appraisal and revalidation process on behalf of the GMC.  

Platforms you need to know:

PCSE (Primary Care Support England) – Collates information for performers list applications. Provides the portal for performers to keep their personal information up to date. It is a regulatory requirement that you keep your information up to date.

You can access your Performers List record via the PCSE portal at

Guidance can be found at Performers Lists – Primary Care Support England.

RMS (Revalidation Management System) – The system manages appraisals and revalidation. This is not an appraisal toolkit.

GMC (General Medical Council) Online. The account you use to update your details with the GMC.

Appraisal & Revalidation (A&R Team):

NHSE facilitates the appraisal and revalidation process on behalf of the GMC and that is why it is important your details are up to date. We have a dedicated appraisal and revalidation team to assist you with the process and can answer any queries you have. Please contact the team at

Appraisals take place annually and your appraisal will usually take place in the same month you qualified as a GP Performer. Your first appraisal will take place the year after you qualify. There may be times when you are unable to complete an appraisal in you must contact the A&R Team to discuss this.


Every 5th year, your appraiser will review your appraisals with you and, provided you meet the mandatory requirements, they will make a recommendation to the responsible officer that you are suitable to revalidate. Further information can be found here. – Revalidation – GMC (