Professional Nurse Advocate

The Professional Nurse Advocate (PNA) programme delivers training and restorative supervision for colleagues right across England. The programme launched in March 2021, towards the end of the third wave of COVID-19. This was the start of a critical point of recovery: for patients, for services and for our workforce.

PNA training provides those on the programme with skills to facilitate restorative supervision to their colleagues and teams, in nursing and beyond. A version of this programme exists already for maternity colleagues, where outcomes point to improved staff wellbeing and retention, alongside improved patient outcomes. The training equips them to listen and to understand challenges and demands of fellow colleagues, and to lead support and deliver quality improvement initiatives in response.

This programme is the first of its kind for nursing not just in England, but across the world, and we are keen to measure and share its impact. We will commission an economic evaluation and independent research for this programme.

For more about this national programme, contact the our central Professional Nurse Advocates Team at