Demand and capacity emergency department model

This model will help you to understand the demand and capacity needs of type 1, 2, and 3 emergency departments (ED) – including MIUs.

The model supports short-term (7 day) operational planning in your ED. By analysing the demand profile and urgency of your patients, the model estimates the required capacity for your department. This is summarised in the video below:

The remit of the model is to inform you of the clinical decision making capacity required in your department – this refers to the step after triage, where a patient is seen by a decision maker, who determines whether the patient is referred or discharged.

The model:

  • Predicts the required capacity for your department for the next week
  • Compares this against the available capacity, from your rota
  • Highlights and quantifies any differences in required and available capacity
  • Estimates the queue size for decision makers in the department

ED model: video walkthrough

This video tutorial walks through the ED model stage by stage.

Before populating the model, we recommend:

  • Reading the narrative in the get started worksheet
  • Going through the populated example, and the further narrative in the individual worksheets
  • Watching the tutorial

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