Key facts

  • Led by LB Barking & Dagenham.
  • 10,800 houses, 65,500 sqm. commercial and 2,500 new jobs.
  • Brownfield site.
  • Timeline: Start from 2017, fully built 2031.
  • Region: London.

Barking’s vision

The vision for Barking Riverside Healthy New Town is to apply the latest health and social care research and practice in the planning and development of the built environment to create a healthy and resilient community. We will work with the people who live, work and visit here to increase the evidence base and refine the strategy taken.

The programme has three major focus areas:

  • Developing innovative approaches to the use of green and blue space to encourage healthier behaviours;
  • Developing and implementing new and innovative models of health and care infrastructure;
  • Drawing on and embedding the learning and innovations emerging from the Care City Test Bed into the new development in order to deliver a step change in the use of digital care.


  • Focus on developing a new social infrastructure. This will partly be done by, creating a unique co-production partnership with the community (through a Community Interest Company) to harness existing and emerging assets.
  • Improving health outcomes and reducing health inequalities through collaboration with pioneering academics to create new knowledge on the contribution of green spaces and waterways then embedding this into planning policy.
  • Embedding new models of health and social care delivery and innovation, through Care City NHS Innovation Test Bed.
  • Applying the latest learning on ‘age-friendly’ built environments and public spaces to ensure Barking Riverside is liveable and inclusive for all ages.
  • Strengthening prevention and early intervention services.
  • Ensuring community cohesion between the new community and the existing ones.

Examples of work carried out

  • 10 HNT planning principles developed and incorporated into section 106.
  • Launched a ‘pop up’ research laboratory (Pop Up PEARL) to research interventions in Barking and Dagenham, exploring issues of health, access and mobility.
  • Undertaken community engagement work with ‘make:good’ to understand what communication mechanisms would best suit the community.
  • Contributing to the ‘health strategy’ for the wider Barking & Dagenham borough.

Examples of work to be completed

  • Health and Care Premises: the infrastructure and technical aspects of the co-designed health facility/hub/community facility.
  • Health and Care new care model – Develop, test and evaluate a new model of primary and community care general practice and community focussed centre management based at Thamesview (bordering on Barking Riverside) that will serve both the phase 1 Barking Riverside community and the wider community in Thames ward.
  • Build on the work of Care City’s NHSE Test Bed and local models to identify and enable ways of enhancing the interim health and care offer at Thames view and within current phase 1 and other providers such as leisure services and social care and to prototype innovative approached to health and care within Barking Riverside, to contribute to the long term health and care model for Barking Riverside.

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