Arial photo of a housing estate

Key facts

  • Led by Devon County Council (formerly East Devon District Council in 2016-17).
  • 8,000 homes.
  • Urban extension on Greenfield land.
  • Timeline: Phase 1 developed and occupied with further building phases until 2028.
  • Region: South.

Cranbrook’s vision

“To create a healthy, vibrant, attractive and sustainable town”

Cranbrook is the fastest-growing town in the South West and the current population is unlike any other in Devon, with a young population and different demands for health and care now and in the future. The Healthy New Towns programme is helping to create an environment that promotes healthy lifestyles using innovative approaches to planning, community engagement and models of health and care service delivery.


There are three main priority workstreams:

  • Developing a new model of care including promoting health and wellbeing through intelligence, digital and contracting expertise.
  • Maximising the benefits of the built environment to promote health and wellbeing using primary care and community estate.
  • Engaging with the Cranbrook community to promote health and wellbeing across the life course, from the best start in life to healthy ageing, working with the Town Council, Cranbrook schools and other community partners.

What have Cranbrook done so far (not exhaustive)?

  • Cranbrook Development Plan and Masterplan finalised (key themes include – the design of the town centre, active travel, street design, incorporation of green infrastructure).
  • Developed a simple design guide for commercial house builders to follow to create a healthy built environment in large housing developments (10 easy steps for developers).
  • Delivered Cranbrook’s health and wellbeing strategy
  • Piloted the use of an app for managing mental health in schools.
  • Delivered engagement and health messaging activities in schools and wider community.
  • Funding for the Cranbrook Health Campus agreed / secured and planning application submitted then delivered to a high standard.
  • Delivery of facilities enabling immediate start-up and community health activity, agreement of lease of building to provide small business start-up space and rooms available for visiting health service delivery.

What do Cranbrook plan to do in the future?

  • New Care Model of care for Cranbrook – understanding population health need to inform a new care model for Cranbrook’s planned hub, integration of health and wellbeing.
  • Develop a case study on the role of pharmacy in a new town – effective use of a pharmacy to meet needs of the expanding population of a new housing development.
  • Development plan document detailing local planning policies to take ‘whole systems approach’ to health and wellbeing.
  • Through collaboration with other sites, develop exemplar healthy schools strategy.

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