Consultation to drive out wasteful and ineffective drug prescriptions

Plans – drawn up with family doctors and pharmacists – have been published to cut out prescriptions for ineffective, over-priced and low value treatments.

Helping to trim hundreds of millions from the nation’s rapidly growing drugs bill will create headroom to reinvest all savings in newer and more effective NHS medicines and treatments.

Have your say on proposed new national guidelines which state that 18 medicines – including homeopathy and herbal treatments – which together cost taxpayers £141 million a year should generally no longer be prescribed.

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The role of regulation in supporting transformational change

The increasing pressure on today’s NHS has been well documented. Hospitals are facing an unprecedented level of demand for their urgent and emergency services and continued challenges from delays in discharging patients to community and social care services. What this shows us is that while there are many individual examples of good and outstanding care, […]

Doctor talking to patient

Primary care

GPs and practice teams provide vital services for patients. They are at the heart of our communities, the foundation of the NHS.

Muddy fundraising


Cancer outcomes have improved notably over recent years, including survival rates, which have never been higher.

Father and son

Mental health

One in four adults and one in 10 children experience mental illness, and many more of us know and care for people who do.

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