Medicines optimisation in care homes

Sustainable Transformation Partnerships (STP) and Integrated Care Systems (ICS) across England are implementing the NHS England Medicines Optimisation in Care Homes (MOCH) Programme. These systems are using this funding to integrate new pharmacists and pharmacy technicians into their existing primary care and social care teams, as well as their Enhanced Health in Care Homes plans.

Medicines optimisation in care homes by pharmacy teams has been shown to improve patient centred care and quality, reduce the risk of harm from medicines and release healthcare resources, also highlighted in this blog post.

Through the MOCH programme, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working with their health and social care colleagues and care homes staff, patients and their families, can provide a number of benefits for care homes and their residents including:

  • Optimising medicines (stopping inappropriate or unsafe medicines, and ensuring medicines add value to patient’s health and well-being)
  • Patient centred care (shared decision making about which medicines care home residents take and stop)
  • Creating better medicines systems for care homes to reduce waste and inefficiency
  • Training and supporting care home staff to enhance safer administration of medicines.

Local systems, led by the regional Independent Care Sector Programme Management Offices, have submitted plans on the type of service they intend to develop locally. In this blog post, the emerging themes from STP/ICSs are discussed.

NHS England, Health Education England, The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society talk about their vision for the MOCH programme in this webinar.

CPPE has also developed a bespoke pathway for care home pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and NHS England have funded 600 places for programme and non-programme pharmacy professionals.

The MOCH programme wants to capitalise on the innovation and development of care home medicines optimisation and management services across the country. NHS England’s Pharmacy Integration Fund has created an online collaboration platform for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians (including existing teams not funded by this programme) to interact, share and learn.

If you’re interested in care homes pharmacy then search NHS Jobs for opportunities local to you. You can also follow these hashtags on Twitter: #MOCH #PharmacyIntegration #MedicinesValue