Emergency care improvement

We strive to continuously improve emergency care. We work collaboratively to build caring, compassionate, and trusted relationships with an ambitious and pragmatic approach, focusing on doing the right thing for those that use, and provide health and social care services. We do this by supporting systems, teams and individuals to improve flow across the urgent and emergency care system, thereby contributing to improving quality of care, experience and outcomes.

There is a wealth of skill and experience within health and care settings. To ensure our approaches reflect the whole of the urgent and emergency care pathway, we work with system experts, across all levels, to provide respectful challenge and engage the workforce to deliver positive changes that directly impact upon patient care

Our focus

Front of hospital emergency access:

Access to timely and appropriate emergency care on arrival at hospital is essential for providing the right treatment in the most appropriate setting.  We support teams to improve access across emergency departments, acute medicine, same day emergency care and other urgent care services.


Admission to hospital is a major event in people’s lives.  We work with teams to support flow across many pathways relating to inpatient care.  These include ward and board rounds, ward processes, and discharge from hospital.

Out of hospital:

The emergency care pathway extends beyond the acute trust.  We support organisations that provide services across ambulance services, community, social care and primary care, working alongside integrated care systems, primary care networks, local authorities and the charity sector.

Informatic solutions:

We have developed a series of informatics solutions to support organisations and teams to use data to inform improvement activities.  These include a number of demand and capacity models, dashboards and process analysers.


Resources on Emergency Care Improvement can be accessed on the FutureNHS platform (this platform requires you to log in).


We provide a bespoke improvement offer to meet specific needs.  Including access to learning and educational resources, networking opportunities and signposting to good practice.

Please get in touch to learn more about opportunities or for any other enquiries at england.eeci@nhs.net