Quick guides to support health and social care systems

NHS England and partners have published a series of quick guides to support local health and care systems. The guides provide practical tips, case studies and links to useful documents, which can be used to implement solutions to commonly experienced issues.

The quick guides:

  • bring clarity on how best to work with the care sector
  • help you to find out how people across the country are working with the care sector to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and delayed transfers of care
  • break down commonly held myths provide access to resources to allow you to successfully implement new ways of working
  • enable you to break down barriers between health and social care organisations.

Improving hospital discharge

Better use of care at home

Enhancing health in care homes

You may also be interested in these quick guides:

  • Best use of unscheduled dental services – this Quick Guide is designed to provide practical information for dental providers and commissioners on what they can do to improve dental unscheduled care.
  • Extending the role of community pharmacythis document provides practical tips and case studies for System Resilience Groups and local commissioners showing how to extend the role of community pharmacy to relieve pressure on urgent care.