Pharmacy Quality Payments Scheme

Front cover of the Pharmacy Quality Payments Guidance for the November 2017 DeclarationPharmacy Quality Payments – Guidance for the November 2017 Declaration’ provides information to contractors on how to take part in the Community Pharmacy Quality Payments Scheme. The scheme will reward community pharmacies for delivering quality criteria in all three of the quality dimensions: clinical effectiveness, patient safety and patient experience

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To note: The declaration website for the second review date of Friday 24 November 2017 has now closed and no more submissions for this second review can now be made.

The Quality Payments Scheme is part of the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework announced by the Department of Health in October 2016.

There are approximately 11,700 pharmacies in England. Since April 2017, over 94 per cent of pharmacies – 11,094 pharmacies – have made claims with 10,985 being eligible for a payment.

N.B. These figures used in the presentation and infographic are based on the April declaration data collected by the NHS BSA for 11,094 pharmacies completing the declaration. Of those that made a declaration, 10,985 were eligible for a quality payment: 97 did not meet the gateway criteria and a further 12 met the gateway criteria but did not claim against any of the quality criteria in April.

The scheme sets the community pharmacy sector development targets including:

  • More effective treatment of asthma – referring asthma patients who have been dispensed too many short-acting reliever inhalers without any preventer inhaler for an asthma review.
  • Better care for people with dementia – as part of the drive to ensure 80 per cent of all pharmacy staff working in patient-facing roles take part in the Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends scheme.
  • Increased support for healthy living – so there is a Royal Society of Public Health trained health champion in every community pharmacy, and ensuring each community pharmacy obtains the Healthy Living Pharmacy Level 1 status.

For a pharmacy to become eligible for any payment under the Quality Payments Scheme it must first meet four gateway criteria.

The Pharmacy Quality Payments – Gateway Criteria Guidance, which was published in December 2016, outlined the first steps which community pharmacies across England needed to take to prepare for the new Quality Payments Scheme which runs from December 2016 to March 2018.

The Pharmacy Quality Payments – Quality Criteria Guidance, which was published in February 2017, provided information to contractors on how to claim quality payments and demonstrate that they meet any of the eight quality payment criteria.