Online course

About the course

We’re offering a flexible online course for those working to create compassionate and inclusive cultures in health and social care through collective leadership.

Are you: 

  • Working in, or with, health or social care? 
  • Enthusiastic about improving the culture within your team, organisation or system for the benefit of you, your colleagues and the patients and communities we serve? 
  • A programme lead, change team member or stakeholder for your organisation or system using the Culture and Leadership Programme? 
  • Eager to connect with colleagues who are also doing this kind of work? 
  • Looking for free, flexible and bite-sized learning about culture that you can access at a desk or on the go? 

If so, our Nurturing Compassionate and Inclusive NHS Cultures course could be for you. 

Our programme is:


This new online learning course, broken up into bite-sized components, provides you with an introduction to compassionate cultures and how to use the Culture and Leadership Programme approach and resources


It is focussed on equipping you with practical knowledge, skills and support, helping you to undertake your own culture transformation journey.


The course is designed to provide ample opportunity for discussion and collaboration with peers and facilitators to provide learners with a network of support.

What’s involved

The courses are free to take part in, and are delivered entirely online in the form of videos, articles, discussion and practical exercises that contribute to your own culture transformation journey. 

The programme is organised into two 2 or three 3 core learning modules (dependent on your role within your organisation’s culture transformation journey): 

  • Welcome and how to navigate these materials 
  • An overview of the Culture and Leadership Programme (CORE)
  • Getting Started – The Scoping Phase (CORE for Programme Leads responsible for the programme in their organisation/system, optional for other learners)

There is optional additional content which you can access flexibly as needed: 

  • The discovery Phase 
  • The design phase 
  • The delivery phase 
  • Additional learning resources 

Course dates

Each course will be facilitated for one month, during which time participants will have access to the Culture Transformation Team’s topic experts for guidance and advice. There will also be a 1 hour live learning session during this month providing you with the opportunity to discuss your reflections with other learners from the course, and to have direct access to the Culture Transformation Team to ask questions. Details of this can be found within the learning materials. 

Learners can complete the course in their own time, with each taking around 2.5 hours in total. This can be done all together or in smaller chunks at times that work for you. 

Throughout the programme, participants will be prompted to reflect on the course content and are encouraged to comment on one-another’s contributions. 

After successfully completing the core modules of this programme, you will receive a certificate of completion for your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) records. 

We’ll be running the course quarterly in the first instance, and you will need to complete the course by the last day of the month the course is running: 

  • October 2023

Please note that once the course closes, we cannot re-open it.  

The courses are now open for enrolment on the Culture Learning platform. If you are a new user, please register on our Culture Learning platform first, and then enrol onto the courses from the home page 

During the month, our expert facilitators from NHS England’s Culture Transformation Team will be on hand to answer your questions and offer their insights in the social spaces on the courses. 

You can follow us on Twitter @Culture_NHS and join the conversation in our online Culture Community.