NHS Shared Planning Guidance

Refreshing NHS Plans for 2018/19

Refreshing NHS Plans for 2018/19: the November 2017 Budget announced additional NHS funding of £1.6bn for 2018/19, which will increase funding for emergency and urgent care and elective surgery.

In addition, for other core frontline services such as mental health and primary care, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) is making a further £540 million available through the Mandate over the coming financial year. This joint NHS England and NHS Improvement publication sets out how these funds will be distributed and what needs to be delivered on existing priorities next year.

Technical guidance

The shared planning technical guidance will be updated shortly.

NHS Operational Planning and Contracting Guidance 2017 – 2019

NHS England and NHS Improvement have published this year’s operational and contracting planning guidance three months earlier than normal to help local organisations plan more strategically.

For the first time, the planning guidance covers two financial years, to provide greater stability and support transformation. This is underpinned by a two-year tariff and two-year NHS Standard Contract.

It provides local NHS organisations with an update on the national priorities for 2017/18 and 2018/19, as well as updating on longer term financial challenges for local systems.

View the planning guidance for 2017-2019

This is an updated version of the document published on Thursday 22 September. This includes a small number of minor corrections. Details of the changes are listed in Corrections to the NHS Operational Planning and Contracting Guidance 2017-2019.

View a timetable for future dates

The timetable has been updated on 11 November 2016 to reflect the new 6 December 2016 deadline for the closure of the s118 National Tariff consultation and the publication of the:

This year’s planning guidance includes the following annexes:

  1. The Government Mandate to NHS England: Summary 2020 Goals
  2. CCG improvement and assessment framework
  3. NHS Improvement single oversight framework
  4. October guidance to Sustainability and Transformation Plans
  5. NHS England and NHS Improvement Approach to Establishing Shared Financial Control Totals
  6. General Practice Forward View planning requirements
  7. Cancer services transformation planning requirements
  8. Mental health transformation planning requirements

Key facts

  • The planning process has been built around Sustainable Transformation Plans so that the commitments and changes coming out of these plans translate fully into operational plans and contracts
  • The timetable has been brought forward to enable earlier agreement locally about contracts
  • Adjustments have been made to national levers such as tariff and CQUIN to support local systems in implementing service transformation
  • In line with our expectation of greater collaboration between organisations locally, there will be a single NHS England and NHS Improvement oversight process providing a unified interface with local organisations to ensure effective alignment of CCG and provider plans.

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