Friends and Family Test Communications Resources

We hope that providers of healthcare services will continue to encourage patients to give feedback on their experiences of care and treatment so that the information can be used to drive continuous improvements and better address people’s needs. To do that, practices and trusts can use a variety of resources to promote and outline the benefits of providing feedback and to demonstrate that patients’ views have been listened to and acted on.

Although this is the responsibility of providers, NHS England wants to help and has provided a range of updated resources for this purpose. Using these is entirely optional and some providers prefer to create their own materials.

The central materials on offer include animated films and an audio promotion suitable for use on websites, a range of posters and leaflets that work in different services, and some feedback forms for primary care.  We also offer an accessible feedback form in an easy read pictorial format.  There are five versions, which can make the FFT question more inclusive for a range of service users, including people with a learning disability and children.

To see our range of posters, leaflets and forms, you will need to go to another website where the materials are available. Some are downloadable for local printing and others are available in hard copy and will be sent to you free of charge when you register and place an order.

The list includes not only promotional materials for patients but also items to promote Staff FFT to people who work in the trusts where it operates.

We recently moved the current FFT materials to a new supplier’s website where you can register to download PDFs and order print copies. Simply go to and put FFT into the product search box for a full list of what’s available. If you have any questions about the materials, you can contact us at

FFT animated film

This set of four short films explains what the FFT is in a simple way and they are suitable for use in most healthcare settings, and websites, with or without sound. You can view, share or embed the standard film from YouTube.  In the description under the film, you will find links to three further versions: one that has content more suitable for use in mental health services and then British Sign Language translations of both the standard version and the mental health services version.

For providers wanting to create their own materials featuring the film characters, we can offer a set of more than 30 high quality images. If you want access to these, please ask for details.

Multimedia promotional materials

The following materials can be downloaded for free use:

  • Audio promotion – This is a 30-second audio file with voice over and background music to promote the use of the FFT. You can download it for use as you wish, on websites, hospital radio and so on.
  • Single slide promo for FFT – This Powerpoint slide is a prompt to patients to take part in the FFT and to find out more about it.  It is suitable for most healthcare settings.