Friends and Family Test data

Following a review undertaken by NHS England the Lead Official for Statistics has concluded that the characteristics of the Friends and Family Test (FFT) data mean it should not be classed as Official Statistics. All FFT data (including current and historic acute and staff FFT data) can now be found on this page and linked subpages. Further, data for all FFT settings will now be released on a single day of the month (dates listed below). Releasing all FFT data on the same day of the month should be beneficial to users as it will provide a single clear and complete picture of monthly FFT data from all FFT care settings.

Future release dates for all patient FFT settings (Inpatient, A&E, Maternity, Outpatients, Ambulance (patient transport), Mental Health, Community, GP, and Dental) are:

  • 08 February 2018 for December 2017 data
  • 08 March 2018 for January 2018 data
  • 12 April 2018 for February 2018 data
  • 10 May 2018 for March 2018 data

All staff FFT data can be accessed here. The next release of staff FFT data will be:

  • 23 November 2017 for Quarter 2 2017-18 data
  • 24 May 2018 for Quarter 4 2017-18 data

Data Summary (latest month)

Patient FFT collections (excluding GP and Dental) have recently transitioned from the UNIFY2 system to SDCS under the supervision of NHS Digital. Whilst the process was largely successful, NHS Digital have experienced a number of unforeseen issues with the data production process for the first month of data under the new process, which is for November 2017, and these have resulted in some data being unavailable for inclusion in this publication.

NHS England extended the closing dates of the affected collections to increase the possibility of producing accurate outputs. Unfortunately, some of the data issues could not be resolved in time, and given the level of issues with data concerning Maternity services, it has not been possible to validate the returns to produce an output in time for publication. Every effort is being made to produce this as soon as possible, subject to data quality considerations.

NHS England are also aware of some data quality issues with November’s Inpatient file, including missing rows of data and missing data fields at all levels (Provider, Site and Ward), resulting in differences between the ‘Totals’ on each of the relevant Excel tabs. As such the Inpatient data should be treated with caution for November 2017 but this should not prevent the feedback retained by trusts being useful for service improvement work.

The remaining collections (A&E, Outpatient, Community, Mental Health and Ambulance) are largely unaffected. By extending the closing date following delays in the production process, it may mean some organisations were not able to respond to validation queries (as this fell over the festive period) and that a small number of errors remain for November 2017.

We are grateful to women and their partners who provided feedback on Maternity services during this period. Despite the loss of data from this publication, their ratings of the service they experienced, along with their comments, will still be available at local level so that they can be used to acknowledge good work and identify things that need improvement.

We acknowledge that providers are not responsible for any of these data issues. We wish to thank them for their work in providing the data as requested and we apologise that, in some cases, their submissions are not reflected in this data publication. NHS Digital and NHS England are working closely to prevent any of the issues being carried over to the publication of December 2017 data.

GP and Dental collections are not affected by any transitional issues.

FFT dashboard

The below FFT Dashboard is available for organisations/sites/practices to use locally for recording and reviewing monthly FFT returns.

Organisational level tables (latest month)

Organisational level tables (historic)

All historic data files for all patient FFT settings can be found here.

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