Friends and Family Test data

Following a review undertaken by NHS England the Lead Official for Statistics has concluded that the characteristics of the Friends and Family Test (FFT) data mean it should not be classed as Official Statistics. All FFT data (including current and historic acute and staff FFT data) can now be found on this page and linked subpages. Further, data for all FFT settings will now be released on a single day of the month (dates listed below). Releasing all FFT data on the same day of the month should be beneficial to users as it will provide a single clear and complete picture of monthly FFT data from all FFT care settings.

Future release dates for all patient FFT settings (Inpatient, A&E, Maternity, Outpatients, Ambulance (patient transport), Mental Health, Community, GP, and Dental) are:

  • 14 May 2020 for March 2020 data

All staff FFT data can be accessed here. The next release of staff FFT data will be:

  • 28 May 2019 for Quarter 4 2019-20

Data Summary (latest month)

FFT dashboard

The below FFT Dashboard is available for organisations/sites/practices to use locally for recording and reviewing monthly FFT returns.

Organisational level tables (latest month)

Organisational level tables (historic)

All historic data files for all patient FFT settings can be found here.

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