Case studies

Find out more through our case studies how NHS trusts and primary care practices in England have used Friends and Family Test (FFT) data and feedback to support improvements and promote more effective use of the data.

Collecting feedback during the pandemic

These case studies highlight how useful it has been to continue to collect feedback during the pandemic.

Easy wins with the FFT

These case studies showcase simple, effective service improvements that have been put in place due to FFT feedback.

Using the FFT to support operational improvement

These case studies highlight how the FFT has been used to support service redesign.

The FFT – it’s everyone’s business!

These case studies reveal how engaging with everyone has been key to implementing the FFT.

Making the FFT data count

These case studies showcase different approaches to analysing FFT feedback, and how FFT feedback has been used together with other types of feedback to support service improvement.

Making the FFT inclusive

Case studies to showcase accessibility initiatives.

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