Guidance on the submission of Friends and Family Test data

NHS England has published guidance to support the submission of NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT) for:

Dentists should use their location id to identify themselves when submitting data.

The acute services guidance builds on the initial guidance for inpatients, A&E and maternity by outlining the approach for outpatients, daycases, walk-in centres and minor injury units.

NHS England has engaged with GP Practices, dentists, NHS providers and other relevant stakeholders to produce these documents..

Process to notify NHS England of GP FFT data submission issues

The GP data submission system CQRS did not previously allow GP Friends and Family Test data to be amended once they had been submitted. A query form was available for practices to replace incorrect data so it would not be published. Following improvements made to the part of the CQRS system that GP practices use to submit their monthly Friends and Family Test data, amendments to data will be possible for November 2015 data submissions onwards, and the query form removed.

Following the submission deadline for October data submissions on 17 October 2015, the GP FFT service on CQRS was withdrawn and a new service offered. Once practices have accepted the new service, offered as a new task notification in the CQRS Message Centre (please see guidance for more details), they will be able to continue submitting their GP FFT submissions, but with the added ability to amend incorrect data all the way up to the submission deadline. The guidance at also provides detail on how to submit and amend data.