Guidance on implementing the Friends and Family Test

Revised Friends and Family Test guidance was published in September 2019 for implementation from 1 April 2020, replacing all FFT implementation guidance previously published.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FFT data submission was suspended from March 2020. Data submission resumed from December 2020 for acute and community providers (including independent sector providers) in line with the new guidance. The first data submitted was from December 2020.

Dental practices should plan to start submitting data from July 2021 (with July’s data submitted in August).

We will make a further announcement about GP practices in due course.

As well as covering the new policy in full, the document includes an “at a glance” review of the changes from previous guidance and also implementation checklists for providers and commissioners.

Download the guidance here: NHS England and NHS Improvement guidance: Using the Friends and Family Test to improve patient experience.

This is accompanied by revised guidance for providers on how to submit monthly FFT data.

You might also find our Frequently Asked Questions useful.

For the background on how this guidance was developed, see the FFT development project 2018-19 page.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Friends and Family Test Helpdesk via