NHS England’s Children and Young People’s (CYP) Transformation Programme has established a programme of work to improve care and outcomes for children and young people with epilepsy.

In response to supporting systems with epilepsy quality improvement, the programme has developed key standards around the care and delivery of epilepsy services.

Recommendations for integrated care boards (ICBs) to support implementing key standards have also been developed.

There are four areas of focus including:

  • addressing variation in care between epilepsy services,
  • supporting the mental health and wellbeing of CYP with epilepsy,
  • improving referrals into tertiary services and the Children’s Epilepsy Surgery Service (CESS), and
  • improving the transition from paediatric to adult epilepsy services.

NHS England has worked with key stakeholder organisations, as well as young people and their families, to develop this National Bundle of Care.

National Working Groups were formed on each area of focus to inform the standards and recommendations set out within this document. In addition, supporting resources have been identified or developed by the working groups to aid implementation of the standards and recommendations made.

Full details can be found here: NHS England » National bundle of care for children and young people with epilepsy

If you would like more information on the epilepsy programme please e-mail england.cyptransformation@nhs.net