CQUIN for frontline clinical staff

For 2019/20, we have established an NHS CQUIN for the flu vaccination of frontline clinical staff. This rewards those organisations that achieve uptake above 60%.

More information, including published guidance and specifications, is available on the NHS England website:

Frequently asked questions

  • Is my organisation eligible for the CQUIN?
    • Any provider of healthcare services commissioned under an NHS Standard Contract (full-length or shorter-form version) is eligible for CQUIN. This is inclusive of the independent sector e.g. care homes and the third sector. More information is available on page 20 of the guidance.
  • Who is counted within frontline clinical staff?
    • All staff in a clinical role and who have patient contact are included within this measure. It does not include social care workers. More information is available on page 16 of the specification.
  • How much will we be paid?
    • The value of the this CQUIN is based on the cumulative performance at the end of the scheme, when the final uptake rate is calculated. As flu vaccination is seasonal, this takes place in Q4. Further information is available on pages 5 and 6 of the specification.
  • What are the payment thresholds?
    • The thresholds for payment are 60% – 80%. Further information is available on page 6 of the specification.
  • How is the payment calculated?
    • No payment is made below the 60% threshold and the full payment is made above the 80% threshold. There is a sliding scale for payments, when uptake rates fall between thresholds. The calculation is available on page 8 of the specification.
  • How will our performance be measured?
    • Performance is measured via your submission to Immform. A link to this is also available on page 16 of the specification.