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Further supporting CQUIN guidance is available at the links below.

Anti-Microbial Resistance

AMR supporting documentation – this consists of a Frequently Asked Questions document, Antibiotic Consumption Data Spreadsheet and a Data Collection and Submission tool.

Health and Wellbeing

This supplementary guidance document has four main aims:

  • To provide more context about the need for focussing on health and wellbeing;
  • To provide more information about the content of the schemes, drawing on best practice examples;
  • To provide further information about the methods of assurance and processes behind the £450m incentive within this CQUIN; and
  • To outline future support available during 2016/17 to help with the implementation of the CQUIN schemes.

Staff HWB CQUIN submissions July 2016

CCGs will award the allocated CQUIN money if the Provider has submitted the return, as evidenced by the Unify submission extract provided, and if the CCG is satisfied that the return submitted is reasonable. The requirements set out in the CQUIN guidance and any comments provided to the CCG from the Provider in question can be used to help exercise judgement.

CCGs should request the content of the submission from the Provider in question, who will be able to extract this from Unify.