Commercial Medicines Unit

The Commercial Medicines Unit (CMU), part of our Commercial Medicines Directorate, is responsible for buying and securing the supply of medicines prescribed in NHS hospitals in England.

Medicines framework agreements

Working with a wide range of stakeholders the CMU manages a number of Medicines Framework agreements that define how we ensure continuity of supply for:

  • generic medicines including newly available generic medicines used in hospitals
  • branded medicines, biosimilar medicines and intravenous (IV) fluids
  • blood products and dose banded chemotherapy and flu vaccines for hospitals.

Homecare medicines and services

Our Homecare team works closely with the National Clinical Homecare Association and has representation on the National Homecare Medicines Committee. The team is responsible for NHS procurement of at-home medicines delivery and home nursing services for people living with the following:

  • bleeding disorders, lysosomal storage disorders and pulmonary hypertension

The Homecare team is also responsible for provision of Home Parenteral Nutrition (HPN).

Pharmacy team

Our Pharmacy team work across CMU to provide clinical and pharmaceutical support to all procurement functions. The team also lead on supply chain management, supporting the management and mitigation of supply issues, working closely with the Medicine Supply Team (DHSC), senior stakeholders from the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry.

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