Regional Medicines Optimisation Committees

Regional Medicines Optimisation Committees (RMOCs) were established in 2016 to optimise the use of medicines for the benefit of patients and the NHS. They bring together decision makers, healthcare professionals and patients to share best practice, understand the evidence base and coordinate action to reduce unwarranted variation and improve outcomes and value from medicines use.

The RMOCs’ operating model, republished on 8 October 2019, outlines how the committees work at a national and regional level to help patients get the most from their medicines, whilst ensuring the NHS and taxpayers get best value from the annual medicines bill.

The role of RMOCs is to improve patient outcomes through supporting and optimising local prescribing practice and reduce unwarranted variation throughout the region and nationally. They will promote collaboration and help reduce duplication on issues related to medicines optimisation across the English healthcare system.

RMOCs are an integral part of the NHS England and NHS Improvement regional infrastructure and are expected to work with and support colleagues operating in commissioner and provider organisations (including primary care) and other relevant stakeholders.

The status of RMOC outputs is advisory. RMOC publications do not affect the statutory legal responsibilities and duties of NHS organisations. However, there is an expectation that both commissioners and providers of NHS healthcare will have regard to and implement RMOC advice.