CCG support offer

NHS England introduced a new CCG improvement and assessment framework in 2016/17, fully aligned to the Five Year Forward View and NHS planning guidance. This brings together a range of key indicators, enabling NHS England and CCGs to work together, using the indicators to drive improvement for patients.

There are national ambitions for transformation in a number of vital clinical priorities, including Dementia.  Each priority area has a number of indicators in the framework and the areas are assessed by independent panels, with a separate, clear rating.  These ratings are published on MyNHS. Each area has its own support programme for CCGs, which may already be in place or is being introduced in stages.

The dementia support offer recognises that CCGs will have varying levels of need for support and provides three levels, which can run concurrently. The more bespoke levels of support will be focused on a smaller number of CCGs with the greatest identified need.

Level 1 – general advice available to all CCG

This level mainly continues the support already available to CCGs e.g.

Additionally, NHS England will be:

  • Publishing a repository of best practice examples compiled across all stages of the well pathway for dementia. These can be found on the Learning Environment website.

And, the Alzheimer’s Society

  • Offers face to face meetings with a senior Alzheimer’s Society representative to provide information, advice and support to help review how local services can best meet local need. This can be arranged via

Level 2 – targeted support available to those CCGs that need to make an improvement

The support offered at this level is in addition to the support offered in level 1 and includes:

  • Advice to individual CCGs provided by the national clinical director for dementia or other senior representatives.
  • System collaboration, including buddying arrangements.

Level 3 – bespoke support available to those CCGs with the greatest need to improve

The support offered at this level is in addition to the support offered in levels 1 and 2 and comprises:

  • Intensive support provided by NHS England, working closely with NHS Improvement. For the remainder of 2016/17 this will target a small number of CCGs with the greatest need to improve and will include pre-visit discussions, a visit to carry out a diagnostic review to ascertain whether there are any system/process issues, and subsequent discussions with the CCG to develop recovery strategies with ongoing support.