Antimicrobial Resistance in Dentistry

About us

NHS England led project

We aim to tackle antimicrobial resistance on a regional level, within the Midlands. On this page you will find resources and information for use within primary care and secondary care dental settings.

Antimicrobial resistance is a global health problem. The government has implemented a 5-year action plan and long term 20-year strategy to tackle antimicrobial resistance from a national and international perspective.

Evidence Based Approach

We only share resources and information  from reputable sources. All of our information has been fact checked and adapted from dental use.

We can provide you with the tools to tackle antimicrobial resistance through action plans, strategies, and audits.

The Government’s Action Plan

  1. Reduce the need and unintentional exposure to antimicrobials
  2. Optimise the use of antimicrobials
  3. Invest in innovation, supply, and access


Antibiotic Amnesty poster