A day in the life of a matron at Northampton General Hospital

A day in the life of a matron at Northampton General Hospital

Written by Jo Smith, Interim Associate Director Nursing Women’s, Children’s, Oncology, Haematology and Cancer services Division.

Who would have predicted a Covid pandemic happening whilst we were celebrating the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife? I’m immensely proud of the Matron team at Northampton General Hospital and would like to share the amazing commitment, professionalism and teamwork that they always display.

The matron team has always been committed to patient safety, infection prevention, staff safety and wellbeing and leadership, but their clinical drive to provide the best care possible to patients and families in these unprecedented times has been extraordinary.

The team spirit and camaraderie, and the emotional and professional support provided by the fearless senior nursing team kept everyone motivated. They empowered clinical teams to adopt new ways of working and never faltered in overcoming the ever-changing daily challenges, adapting to every change without exception.

The matrons at Northampton General Hospital have provided much needed professionalism and have left an emblazoned trail of hope and true nursing spirit in the heart of Northampton General Hospital.

During the most challenging months within the NHS, the matrons were there providing fortitude and expertise. Nursing is truly alive at Northampton General Hospital thanks to the matron team. I am both proud and humbled by their commitment, resilience and gallantry to lead our clinical teams through this pandemic. They truly deserve the honour and recognition that sharing this story will bring.