These pages bring together all documents and resources relating to the NHS North West’s independent investigations, action plans and reports.

Independent investigation reports

Front cover of an independent investigation reportDetails are given of the independent investigation reports that have been published by NHS England from April 2013.

Associated action plans by NHS Foundation Trusts are also published in response in response to each report.

Where a report is marked with an asterisk* the investigation was started before NHS England was established, but the final report was published after 1 April 2013.

Support to Local Health Economies

Front cover of the Support to Local Health Economies ReportIn February 2014, 11 areas nationally were offered additional input to help inform their strategic planning.  McKinsey’s was commissioned to support the Southern Sector, which  was defined as four core CCGs (Eastern Cheshire, South Manchester, Stockport and Tameside and Glossop), along with their corresponding hospital trusts.

The Southern Sector report is now a historic document.