Evaluation and benefits

There are benefits of care homes ordering medication online for residents, GP practices and care homes, which grow as time goes on.

Benefits calculator

The benefits calculator estimates the potential time and cost savings for a GP practice, care home and pharmacy from the implementation of proxy access for online ordering of medication for care home residents.

Other benefits for residents, care homes, GP practices and community pharmacies

Other benefits found by care homes, GP practices and pharmacies during the pilots were:

  • fewer risks and issues associated with ordering, issuing, collecting, and dispensing repeat medications
  • fewer errors and queries (e.g. missing items, what has been ordered/collected from pharmacy)
  • improved clinical safety
  • easier and faster access, as care home staff can order at any time of the day or night
  • an improved, easy to access audit trail
  • improved data security due to care home staff have their own username and password, which also saves time
  • better communications and working relationships between all

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