Darlington is looking to use the opportunity that the Healthy New Towns programme brings to develop its integrated health and wellbeing vision for the Borough. The programme in Darlington seeks to future-proof health and social care infrastructure for the next 30 years, in three key ways.

Firstly, using a local regeneration opportunity to establish:

  • the first of three integrated health and well-being villages which will sit at the core of  the town’s reconfigured health and social care services.
  • A refocus for the local acute district general hospital site and service, now becoming a central health and well-being facility delivering most of the town’s unplanned care, rehabilitation and intermediate care support systems
  • Integrated exercise and recreational approaches including walking and cycling routes to community, educational and work places

Secondly, maximising independence and lifestyle choices:

  • Building smart houses in neighbourhoods with built in monitoring and information access. Part of the housing portfolio will flex with a changing ageing population, with wider door frames and down stairs bathrooms
  • Further developing the local innovative digital health system, which allows phone line, app and internet based digital technology to be linked to GP and hospital record systems

Thirdly, improved planning and predictive modelling of the population needs and requirements:

  • using ‘big data’ available from health, social care, local authority voluntary organisations
  • Establishing effective data sharing
  • Identifying those at risk of developing long term conditions and frailty
  • Predict Population needs and changes to improve commissioning