This innovative development at North West Bicester will deliver 6,000 true zero carbon homes. As a Healthy New Town, Bicester provides a great opportunity to assess and share the health benefits arising from this exemplar approach.

At the heart of the project is the vision to create a place where healthy living comes as standard. This includes 40 per cent green space with pedestrian and cycle networks, to promote activity which along with a strong social infrastructure will reduce isolation. Insulated homes designed for independent living will minimise the risk of fuel poverty and associated illness, while opportunities to grow food locally will encourage healthy eating.

For those needing healthcare, new integrated service models will be developed which will include patient-activated technologies. This will complement the digital tablets provided to every household for live travel, home energy efficiency and community information.

The Bicester project is supported by a partnership between 21 local government, healthcare, university and voluntary organisations plus the site developer, A2Dominion.