Halton Lea, Runcorn

We are building a connected, Healthy New Town – connected by its people; connected by its aspirations; connected by its environment; connected by technology and connected by place. The development at Halton Lea, Runcorn, has the potential to regenerate the area into a thriving community hub, with new opportunities for social and community activities, healthy retail provision and integrated housing, health and social care provision.

Our ‘One Halton’ model of care and support is focussed on enhancing services in the community and ensuring easy access to those services.  We are focussing on developing a health and wellbeing ecosystem, with people at the heart of it, and an infrastructure that supports wellbeing and health.

The people at the heart of our Healthy New Town are:

  • The public, who use existing services
  • Those who are generally well, and not yet using the health system
  • Commissioners of systems and services
  • Providers of health and care services

Already in Halton Lea, we are:

  • attracting and retaining talented and gifted people to the area by creating the right housing and environmental offer;
  • generating a physical environment conducive to encouraging active lifestyles – merging existing developments with an exciting innovative new build environment;
  • identifying change makers to embed our new eco-system within our community to ensure health and wellbeing is a priority for everyone in the community