Whyndyke Farm, Fylde

The initiatives that will make Whyndyke Farm a healthy community for all will be driven by technology focused on reducing long term poor health conditions.  Every aspect of the built environment, social integration, community development and transport will be designed to provide the opportunity for everyone to easily choose a healthy diet, lifestyle, attitude and activity.

Whyndyke Farm will include:

  • primacy and preference for cycling, building on the already exceptional offer on the Fylde coast
  • build design, lighting, green spaces and pathways that support independent living at all ages
  • a community hub which is a space for the whole community all the time, which incorporates a free school specialising in healthy lifestyle, the physical, psychological and spiritual
  • innovations that reduce reliance on the traditional car through enhanced public transport, easy to walk facilities and electric car facilities.

The real success of Whyndyke as a healthy new town will be through community engagement that achieves ownership of the community by the community, from the day the first spade is in the ground.

The real difference can only be achieved through the people that make up the Whyndyke community, technology, design, infrastructure, transport and planning are all tools used to facilitate healthy attitudes.