National Quality Board publications for Integrated Care Systems

To support the development of quality functions in Integrated Care Systems, the National Quality Board (NQB) has issued a suite of publications in support.

Lord Ara Darzi“I fully endorse the NQB’s Refreshed Shared Commitment to Quality and Position Statement for Integrated Care Systems (ICSs). The establishment of ICSs represents an important step in the journey of improvement across health and care, at the heart of which must sit quality. These documents align with High Quality Care for All in emphasising the important balance that must be struck between having flexibility in responding to the needs of local communities, with consistent standards of quality for people using services. They also champion a collaborative and proactive approach to quality which recognises the importance of creating cultures of open learning and improvement, and working together across health, social care, housing, employment and wider services to ensure high-quality care.”

National Guidance on System Quality Groups

The NQB has developed national guidance on System Quality Groups for those working in health and care systems. All Integrated Care Systems are required to have a System Quality Group, focused on enabling quality improvement across the health and care system.  This guidance replaces the NQB’s previous National Guidance on Quality Surveillance Groups (last updated 2017).

NQB Position Statement on Quality in Integrated Care Systems

The NQB has issued a Position Statement for those working in health and care systems. Endorsed by Lord Darzi, the Position Statement emphasises the importance of prioritising the delivery of high-quality care at this crucial time of transition and sets out some core principles and consistent operational requirements for quality oversight in systems.

Shared Commitment to Quality

The NQB has refreshed its Shared Commitment to Quality to support those working in health and care systems.  The publication provides a nationally-agreed definition of quality and a vision for how quality can be effectively delivered through ICSs.  The refresh has been developed in collaboration with systems and people with lived experience and has a stronger focus on population health and health inequalities.

The previous edition of this Commitment is also available.

Case Studies on Quality Oversight in ICSs

Three case studies have been developed to accompany the Shared Commitment, illustrating how leading systems have already started to embed the Shared Commitment in their planning and decision-making.  The three case studies are: Surrey Heartlands ICS, Dorset ICS and West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts.